Investment Planning & Management Advice

Investment Planning & Management Advice

Investment Planning Advice Richmond, Surrey

“The idea that any single individual without extra information or market power can beat the market is extraordinary unlikely. Yet the market is full of people who think they can do it and full of other people who believe them….”

Daniel H. Kahneman
2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Investment Planning Advice Richmond, Surrey

The best investment advice and financial plans are those that are personal to you, taking into account your own circumstances, your career and your long term aspirations.

For every client of Tower Hill Associates, this is where we start before reviewing your existing portfolio of investments, pensions and assets to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Successful Investment Advice

Nearly forty years of academic research has shown that investment managers are unable to outperform markets by anything greater than the amount expected by chance.

There remains a trade-off between risk and reward and the fact that money can work for you by being invested in the markets rather than through “active” management. Tower Hill Associates has therefore developed a client-centred investment mangement approach designed to deliver a more successful investment experience.

The Tower Hill Investment Planning approach

Tower Hill Associates’ approach is about increasing the probability of investment success by concentrating on those aspects which have the greatest impact on investment returns and through the use of Enhanced Index Tracking Portfolios.

– Strategic asset allocation
Your asset allocation will be determined by your risk tolerance, time horizon and return requirements.

– Diversification
By combining assets with different characteristics within your portfolio, you could achieve better risk adjusted returns. Surprisingly, the addition of certain higher risk asset classes such as value and small cap equities, emerging markets and commodities to your portfolio can have the net effect of lowering overall risk and increasing investment returns.

– Maintaining discipline
We will help you keep sight of your long term objectives and not be influenced by the short term perspective promoted by the City and media in general.

– Keeping costs of investing low
We work hard at keeping our costs low, through investing in institutional funds, reinvesting commissions, using tax-efficient ‘wrappers’ to increase after tax returns, and by rebalancing only when the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs.

Gain secure 24 hour online access to your investment portfolio
We will keep a close eye on your investments at all times. We never forget, however, that it is your investment and that you will probably want to keep track of your portfolio personally. Our portfolio administration service offers a single, consolidated view of your investments, with secure, up-to-the-minute valuations available instantly online.

Regular Financial Planning Reviews

Once we have set up your investment portfolio, that is not the end of the story. As your investment advisor, we believe that you should be kept up to date and fully conversant with your portfolio’s performance – and have the opportunity to adjust it to cater for any changes in your circumstances. Every one of our clients therefore receives a personal annual review, either in your home or at your office. This, together with unlimited telephone and email access to your financial advisor, makes your savings, pensions and investments clear and easy to understand.

To arrange a free consultation, please call one of our financial planning experts on 020 3865 2379

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