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Investment Planning – Seeing the wood for the trees

I was looking at the total return performance of the IMA UK All Companies Sector and found that the average fund has grown by 307.64% over 20 years. Despite the fact that this performance is flattered by survivorship bias (the performance of funds that have closed down or merged have been removed) it was beaten handsomely by the FTSE ALL SHARE Total Return index which stood at 369.91%.
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Investment Planning – “When Cash Beats a Portfolio”

I am glad to be part of Matthew Vincent's comment piece "When Cash Beats a Portfolio" in Saturdays FT on 24 September 2011.....Is there any financial advisor out there that would pay over 2% per annum for a well diversified risk benchmarked portfolio never mind one that has a less than 50% chance of beating cash over the longer term? If the answer is no then I don't see why clients should be "advised" (read "sold") into such portfolios.
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Financial Planning – Portfolio Tax Mitigation

How can investors with an investment and ISA portfolio increase their after tax returns without changing the asset allocation of their overall portfolio? Good investment advice is essential but the tax planning and portfolio structuring advice outlined below will increase after tax returns for many clients.
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Financial Planning – No Punting Needed!

There is a far superior alternative - taking independent financial planning advice. Financial planning is about helping clients achieve their financial objectives and if done properly should put clients firmly in the driving seat rather than bad advisers/conventional wisdom press enjoying or exploiting a clients/readers ignorance!
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Financial Planning – Have we reached the tipping point?

How valuable are the investment tips we find in the weekend money sections? Can these experts skilfully predict the future and at the same time are they sufficiently altruistic to share their secrets with millions of newspaper readers? I hope readers realise that these tips are of little or no value although they are an interesting read which I guess is why personal finance news editors like to include them in their papers.
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