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A very warm welcome to the first edition of the Tower Hill Associates' quarterly newsletter, designed to keep you up to date with investment news and the current themes in the financial planning world.

Financial planning videos
These short videos are an excellent insight into the role of a financial planner. They highlight the fundamental rules of investment and encapsulate our approach to financial planning and our investment process. I would like to thank Vanguard for allowing me to use these videos on my website.

Client charges
Client charges and the resulting cost drag on performance is an issue about which I feel very strongly. My recent blog outlines why, in my view, all providers whose services include managing investments (i.e. not just individual funds but discretionary investment managers and financial advisors/planners) should have to disclose their Total Expense Ratio (TER).

I hope you find the newsletter thought provoking and a useful way of being kept informed with current hot topics. Your views and feedback will always be appreciated.

All the best.

John Lang


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Pension reform: the impact of recent changes on your pension and retirement plans
Changes in pension tax rules have resulted in yet another complex set of issues to be considered. In some circumstances, it might be worthwhile making (or asking your employer to make) a large fully tax-relieved contribution today, which will not be possible after 5th April 2011. Whilst for other people, the best course of action would be to delay making any pension contribution until the new tax year.
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Inheritance tax planning: back on the agenda
Many people have been adopting a "wait and see" approach to inheritance tax planning over the past years which appears to be due to political uncertainty and the possibility that the Conservatives would introduce a nil rate band of �1 million. However, now that the nil rate band of inheritance tax has been frozen at �325,000 until 5th April 2015, it might be worth revisiting your inheritance tax plans.
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Bank accounts: expected deposit compensation scheme changes
New European legislation, effective 31st December 2010, means that the minimum EU deposit cover will rise to 100,000 euros. This change, which will be considered shortly by the FSA, could mean, at current exchange rates, an increase in the compensation limit to around �90,000.
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ISA limits increase
The Government has confirmed that the 2011/12 ISA total limit will be �10,680.
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