Your free personal financial risk assessment

1: The start of your financial planning journey
Your free personal financial risk assessment is just the beginning of the financial planning process. This stage investigates your psychological tolerance to risk, regardless of your financial situation.

2: Your assets and investment horizons
Good financial planning takes into account your current financial situation including your age, assets and income. Generally, the wealthier you are and/or the longer your investment time horizon, the greater your capacity to take risk.

3: Where do you want to be?
Your financial planner will also consider your short, medium and long term goals. There is often a mismatch between your psychological tolerance to risk, your capacity to take risk and the risk you need to take to achieve your goals. Your financial planner will help you “square this circle”.

Once your financial planner understands all aspects of your risk profile, they will work with you to develop a tailored financial plan to help you achieve your financial goals.

Obtain your free personal financial risk assessment

The contact information provided below will be sent to FinaMetrica, a leading risk profile company where you can complete your personal financial risk assessment. By providing the information below you are agreeing to receive email marketing messages from Tower Hill Associates. You may opt out of these at any time and Tower Hill Associates will never share your personal information or details with any other individual or organisation without your express permission.

Please note that the results of your personal financial risk assessment provide only the starting point for a conversation about investment risk, not the end point. The FinaMetrica report is designed to support and enhance, not replace the ‘know your client’ process. It should not be thought of as a substitute for a suitability test or a recommendation to buy or sell any specific investment product. Each investor will have their own individual circumstances that go beyond what can be measured by a questionnaire and that needs to be fully explored before any recommendations are made.


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